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Current Affairs Test Series 2020

Are you worried about current affairs?

With just 9 more months for Prelims 2020 Exam, are u still lagging to finish the current affairs topics?
Are u trying to revise the current affairs topics?

Whatever category you fall in, NEO IAS brings you the very specific  requirement to cover the current affairs required for the UPSC civil service exam in the shortest time through Current Affairs Exclusive Prelims Test Series.

Current Affairs exclusive test series contains 20 Full length current affairs tests.The test series covers the entire current affairs portions of 2019 and 2020 (till March) exhaustively through dedicated tests for each month spanning this period.

If one scans through the previous year question papers, we can observe that prelims questions are even asked from the previous 2 year current affairs. So, we add the most relevant topics from 2017 & 2018 and provide 5 tests to make sure that the current affairs is covered exhaustively.

The tests can be taken Online, Anytime and Anywhere.

All India ranking is provided for students which will help aspirants to compete, compare and boost the confidence.

The trick with prelims is to do the maximum number of question papers.

Enroll with the NEO IAS Current Affairs Test Series and attend Prelims with surety.

Fee: Rs.1,428 /- (including GST)

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Tentative Schedule

Date (Take test anytime
before 31
st May 2020 from the
respective commencing dates)
27th August 2019 June 2019
January 2019
30th August 2019 July 2019
February 2019
25th September 2019 August 2019
March 2019
25th October 2019 September 2019
April 2019
25th November 2019 October 2019
May 2019
25th December 2019 November 2019
2018 – test 1
25th January 2020 December 2019
2018 – test 2
25th February 2020 January 2020
2018 –test 3
25th March 2020 February 2020
2017 – test 1
15th April 2020 March 2020
2017 – test 2