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NEO Strategy


The Preliminary Examination, as the trend has been over a few years, demands studying the conceptual and the factual aspects of the subjects. Looking for source material is an uphill task for candidates. The specifically designed material by the NEO IAS comes in handy. Classroom lectures and one-to-one discussions with the teachers improve the grasp of candidates on the concepts. Finally, the tests evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates on the subject. Keep at least three months exclusively for preliminary examination.                        


Writing the mains examination is the main concern of a candidate. Success primarily depends upon extensive and in-depth study, and writing practice. The syllabus is too comprehensive to be covered within a short span of time. The institute takes all these factors into account while preparing candidates for the Mains examination and suggests the preparation of Mains even before appearing in the Preliminary examination. For this, we have pre cum mains and mains specific courses along with carefully chiselled study material.

Various aspects, especially, the flaws are discussed thoroughly. Quality improvement Sessions make a fair assessment of candidate's abilities. Quality content, additionally, helps the candidate in preparation.

In many of the subjects, views, and concepts have undergone a change - new ideas have come to the fore. These changing concepts have to be taken into consideration in the scheme of preparation. The institute incorporates all these into coaching. Candidates are advised to fix up targets and prepare vigorously.

Do not waste time between preliminary exam and its result, it is too costly.


Preparing for civil services is about developing right attitude, behaviour, and approach. To help the candidates, who have appeared in Mains and are waiting for results, we have devised a very intensive interview guidance programme.

Start preparation for interview after completion of your mains examination. At least three months focussed preparation is required. You will get around 25 days time after the mains result which is not sufficient.


Understanding pattern of examination

  • See the whole examination from an integrated approach ( Pre cum Mains approach is the best)
  • Do not say let me clear the pre first then i will start preparing for mains
  • Do not waste time thinking "still a lot of time is left"

Selection of optionals

  • Take into consideration factors like : your own academic background, interest, time available and access to resources before selecting optionals.
  • There is nothing like good or bad optionals, lengthy and small optional, these perceptions vary from person to person depending upon individual situation and capabilities.
  • Do not decide the optional on the basis of success of others.
  • Give sufficient time to yourself to decide the optional.
  • No optional is scoring or not scoring, it all depends upon how you have prepared it.
  • Do not decide the optional on the basis of general studies.
  • Take responsibility of your decision and prepare religiously.

Time management plan

  • Prepare the mains part before the pre examination i.e. the optional subjects should be prepared before pre examination.
  • Fix time limits for every aspect of the preparation.
  • Select your study material carefully as wrong material may waste your time.

Selecting Study Material

  • Do not collect the material as it comes
  • Take a conscious decision to consult an expert while choosing it
  • Do not ignore studying standard text books , concentrating simply on notes never helps