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Classes will be commencing on 25th February  2021.

Prelims Exclusive Classes taking you Beyond Current Affairs

What is Current Affairs Plus?

CAP is an outcome guaranteed intensive training program by NEO IAS to empower every UPSC civil service aspirants to clear Prelims 2021.

Why not Just Current Affairs?

UPSC Prelims questions are becoming unpredictable with every passing year.  A basic awareness on current issues alone, may not fetch you the Mains ticket. 

CAP presents an extensive coverage of not just current affairs but the broad spectrum of relevant information surrounding the current affairs. It will enable a candidate to cover most of the left out portions from their standard books. Hence the name Current Affairs PLUS.

CAP: Going Beyond Current Affairs

How we differ from other Current Affairs classes?

Given its extensive coverage and intense competition, prelims require special focus. Normal current Affairs classes usually relegate prelims coverage and emphasize on mains. But, CAP is exclusively focused on Prelims. This strong foundation for  Prelims becomes the biggest stepping stone for your mains as well.

 CAP 2021

How to Join the Course?

Course Fee: Rs. 8330/- ( inclusive of  GST)

Regardless of the class dates, students can join for the online classes anytime

Please contact our office at KOCHI: +91-9446334122 to ensure your tickets to UPSC CSE Mains 2021.

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